Monday, November 20, 2006

X-Box Media Center Icons for Project Mayhem III Theme

Here's just a few XBMC Icons for PM3 for some IPTV Shows and other TV Shows, I will make anymore for anyone if ya send me an email from my website. There are icons for Diggnation, Systm, Labrats, Hak5, CTRL-ALT-Chicken, PixelPerfect, The Broken, Etc... Hope you like.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Turn 2 Old Hard Drive's Into Funky LaserFX To Music

Similar to the Hard Drive Laser Oscilloscope, But this project uses two hard drives, to project the laser in both the X and Y Axis, Making Funky Laser FX Which move to you music collection. (Pictures and Videos After Link) All You need is a couple of dead hard drives, A Laser Pen few bits of wire, 2 bits of mirror and loads of hot glue!

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Hard Drive Laser FX

Right, well I had been looking around the net and found Hard Drive Laser Oscilloscope over at Hacked Gadgets and thought about trying to make one using two hard drives to give horizontal and vertical beams. So rather than an oscilloscope it would give me some funky visuals fx.

I got the stuff together:

Two Hard Drive (Dead Ones!)
1mw Laser Pen
Two Bits of Mirror
Multicore Cable
Other Odd Bits Of wires

Soldering Iron
AA Battery
And a ton of Hot Glue

First job was to open both hard drives, and remove all the unneeded bit, (ie. there was little plastic locks on the Read/Write Arms stopping them from moving, plus I removed platters and platter drive motor from one of the drives just to make the project a little lighter, since hot glue is not very strong)

Now I need to find out what pins on the ribbon cable connect to the Read/Write Arm Voice Coil, some people might use a multimeter for this but I find it much easier with 1.5v AA Battery and 2 bits of wire, then you can see the Arm move. Once they where located solder wires to them, then repeat on the second drive.
I took the two drive a hot glued them together, mounted a mirror on both Read/Write Arms then mounted the laser pointer. This took a few attempts to get the laser at the right height and both mirrors aligned.

This is what was projected, once mirrors and laser where aligned

And that's about it, All i have to do now it connect the two pairs of wires to the multicore cable, and run it off to a stereo amp, One pair one wires from 1 drives Read/Write Arm to the left channel, and the second drives to the right channel. An alternative approach would be to get a speaker cross-over out of an old pair of speakers, and wire the bass to one drive, and treble to the other.

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And Away We Go! Let's give it a try.....

This is the Read/Write Arms in Action

And The Final Projection Result :D

Slow Exposure Photos

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50hz Test Sine

Let me know if you try this project yourself, please send some photo's if you can also let me know if you can improve it in any way



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